A Martyr Speaks

By: Coey, John Alan

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Unread and unopened! (Hard to list as 'New' when it's 28 years old). Journal of an American soldier killed in Rhodesia in 1975 defending Christian freedom. "Great literature; spiritually uplifting; morally and politically discerning; emotionally cleansing and moving...a superb role model and hero for a generation that has few. What has become known as the Vietnam Era was a period marked by rabid protest. Each day on the tube hysterical and unwashed anti-war demonstrators paraded before the American people as the news commentators pontificated about the protesters moral commitment :to stop the killing in Vietnam. Of course, now that Indo-China has been captured and the communal butchery of entire populations has begun, not even the faintest sigh of dismay can be heard from either the noble mobs or the gentlemen of the media. Unfortunately, neither the deluded apostles of peace who roamed the streets at that time, nor the perplexed silent majority who watched their antics, had the slightest notion of what was really happening before their eyes. If either group ever wondered why a government engaged in active warfare against communist forces in Vietnam, was at the same time busy pumping massive economic transfusions to shaky communist regimes all over the planet, and indirectly North Vietnam itself, they quickly put the thought out of mind.* (*See National Suicide by Antony Sutton.) For none of them realized that the war in Vietnam was actually a war on America. The broad mass of Americans never became informed enough to know that they were victims of psychological warfare. They were never aware that they had been forced into playing an old political game called The Choice Between False Alternatives. The country had been artificially divided between the hawk's and the doves, between those who supported the governments All war and those who opposed it, between military-industrial conservatives and campus-ivory killed on July 19, 1975, while attempting to save such life. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man Lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13). This book was compiled from an article of John > (chapter 1); his Soldiers Protest chapter 2); a daily journal he kept, on the field, plus his letters home (chapter' 3-31); an eyewitness account of his death and brothers message at his Rhodesian military funeral (chapter 32); and selected portions from several striking letters of tribute after ward, from the hundreds the Coey family received (chapter 33). The poem on the back cover was written in memory of some of his buddies killed in battle before he was. His family found it written in the back of a World War II prayer book given him by his mother when he left for Rhodesia. Photos in A Martyr Speaks are either those John took, or buddies took of him with his camera. The cover photo is of John planting his American flag on Worlds View, Inyangani, the highest mountain in Rhodesia (see chap- sr 6).

Title: A Martyr Speaks

Author Name: Coey, John Alan

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Location Published: Boring, OR, CPA Book Publisher: 1994

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Book Condition: Used: Like New

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