LIKE NEW!! Never Read. Synopsis: "The demonization of the radical right ill serves us when now, more than ever before, it is vitally important to know all we can about this esoteric milieu's nature and the many, we cloak the few, and, however unwittingly, facilitate the existence of evil in the world." From the Introduction by Jeffrey Kaplan. White power groups are universally vilified and feared. But to better understand the threat they pose, scholars and activists must try to better understand their disturbing ideas and practices. In this controversial volume, Jeffrey Kaplan brings to light the workings of white supremacy movements in the United States and Europe in the years since World War II. The first half of the Encyclopedia is made up of over 100 entries, many of them essay length describing the people, groups and themes that make up the radical racist right. Some of the entries are written by movement activists themselves, providing useful insider accounts. The second half contains original resources circulated within the movement, each prefaced and placed in scholarly context by the editor. These documents, although offending, are invaluable to researchers and often available nowhere else. Cross-references and an index make the information easily accessible. For scholars of race, religion, politics or social movements, the Encyclopedia of White Power is an essential resource. About the Author: Jeffrey Kaplan is the author of Radical Religion in America: Millenarian Movements From the Far Right to the Children of Noah; The Emergence of an Euro-American Radical Right (Co-author); Beyond The Mainstream: The Emergence Of Religious Pluralism In Finland, Estonia And Russia; and is co-editing the Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature and The Cultic Milieu Reconsidered. He has published several anthologies as well as a number of articles on the far right and other millenarian movements in Syzygy, Christian Century and Nova Religio. He is currently teaching at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh and is working with The Stockholm International Forum on Conscience and Humanity: Combating Intolerance for the government of Sweden. "This is a fascinating, disturbing, and invaluable resource for all concerned with the phenomena of white racism and neo-fascism in contemporary Europe and the United States. The great majority of the entries, written by the editor Mr. Kaplan, are not only informative but also in an elegant and ironic style just right for the subject. The value of the volume is only enhanced by a few clearly designated entries and an appendix of primary source material by persons and groups covered in the encyclopedia. It will be helpful to users of this reference work to see for themselves what this literature looks like, and at the same time I have no doubt that most readers will close this section of the book impressed by nothing so much as the utter irresponsibility and intellectual vacuity of the rhetoric. Nonetheless, it is important that white power and neo-fascism be understood. Rec­ommended for libraries and all individuals involved with the issue. " -Robert S. Ellwood, University of Southern California"A unique, engrossing, and sometimes astonishing work; its comprehensiveness and willingness to let members of the pertinent racial movements to explain themselves on critical matters virtually guarantees that it will be the best sourcebook on the subject for a long time to come. Kaplan's special quality as a scholar has always been his ability to gain the confidence of those he interviews: a quality exhibited over and over again here." -David C. Rapoport, University of California, Los Angeles "Jeffrey Kaplan is an outstanding scholar and expert on millennialist, racist, white power, fascist, and paramilitarist movements. His work has always combined rigorous scholarly objectivity with penetrating depth and insight. I'm sure the Encyclopedia of White Power will be a useful and fascinating resource for scholars, intellectuals, and concerned citizens." -Thomas Robbins"The civil rights movement has been limned and dissected in great detail for half a century. Now the much less familiar countermovement-white power-gets some overdue attention. Kaplan avoids both demonization and praise as he puts the radical right on the table for our perusal ... A mix of scholarly and participant voices give this volume a rich overall content and texture. An encyclopedia that is as engrossing a read as any novel." -Timothy Miller, University of Kansas "For anyone interested in contemporary right-wing racism this volume is indispensable. The Encyclopedia provides a guide to virtually all the leaders and organizations that constitute the racist right in America and Northern Europe today. For scholars who specialize in studying the far right, the volume is a valuable source of primary materials because it also serves as a sourcebook containing major statements from leading figures in the racist movements themselves." -Leonard Weinberg, University of Nevada, Reno

Title: Encyclopedia of White Power: A Sourcebook on the Radical Racist Right

Author Name: Kaplan, Jeffrey S. [Editor]; Ryden, Tommy [Contributor]; Kleim Jr., Milton John [Contributor]; Fangen, Katrine [Contributor]; Gardell, Mattias [Contributor]; Simonelli, Fredrick J. [Contributor]; Mason, James [Contributor]; Cooper, Rick [Contributor]; Li

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